An Ohio teen can thank his parents for any last-minute bumps to his grade this Christmas season after they gifted his teachers with bottles of wine and slapped his face on them.

DJ Sommers posted photos of the bottles to Twitter (the face on the label belongs to his little brother). Inscribed on the label is the witty message “our child might be the reason you drink. So enjoy this bottle on us.”

DJ’s tweet quickly went viral and his mom, Mary, is the talk of the town; she told WHIO that her son isn’t a bad kid but that he is “that kid.” She added “he always has something to say.”

Mary Sommers joked “how many coffee mugs does a teacher need? But who doesn’t need a glass of wine after teaching a kid like mine?” Thankfully, one of her friends works at a printing company and was able to whip up the hilarious labels in time for the Christmas holidays.

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Mary also said that she went to the same high school as both of her sons and said she knows where her boys get their antics from, adding that she was “that kid” in school too. She recalled “my four older siblings were good kids and it was hard to live up to that, so I didn’t try.”


Thankfully for the teachers, DJ’s little brother is the last Sommers boy to go through the high school — though their little sister will be a freshman next year.

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