Road rage caught on camera shows what happens when you cut off a N.J. man with mob ties (AP Photo/LM Otero)
AP Photo/LM Otero

A New Jersey man with alleged mafia ties assaulted a motorist after he claimed he cut his car off in upstate New York.

Jerry Balzano, who is currently on supervised release after doing jail time for racketeering, stopped the man’s car on a busy highway and got out to admonish him.

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?You want to play fucking games, you little cocksucker,” Balzano shouted at the man, seen in a video posted by the New York Daily News. 

The man who was assaulted had his dash-cam camera running, and it captured Balzano’s verbal abuse on tape. Sounds in the video indicate that Balzano also physically assaulted the man.

“I’ll kick your fucking head in, you dirty scumbag,” Balzano can be heard yelling at the man.

The man’s passenger frantically called the police and tried to get them to intervene. Eventually an unidentified motorist stopped and was able to get Balzano to back off.

Balzano was later arrested and held in jail for violating his parole. 

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