Take one guess what gave this knife-wielding robber away to police

Harris County Precinct 4

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A man’s unique face tattoo identified him as the armed robber who allegedly robbed a Texas Walgreens.

Christopher Breaker, 25, was arrested on Wednesday night after he used a knife to steal food and wreak havoc inside of a Walgreens. Witnesses say he was “acting differently” while walking around the store, and a clerk saw him take food off the shelves and eat it. He then reportedly pulled out a knife before jumping over the pharmacy counter and trying to break open the back door by hitting with a fire extinguisher.

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After his attempts proved unsuccessful, Breaker left the store through the front entrance, leaving behind some doughnuts.

According to police,  he was reported missing the next day. A witness later identified him as the suspect due to his distinctive face tattoo resembling a clown. Breaker is being held on a charge of second degree aggravated robbery with a deadly weapon. In court, it was revealed that he is also wanted in California for auto theft.

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