There’s a “S**t Bandit” on the loose in an Arkansas neighborhood, and residents are not happy


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Videos by Rare

Police in Arkansas are investigating after a resident in one Little Rock neighborhood reported a jogger for allegedly pooping next to her car.

Tiffany Mattzela headed out of her home on Saturday morning to get breakfast when she came across something nauseating near her car. She and her husband assumed an irresponsible dog owner had simply neglected to pick up his or her pet’s waste, but doubled checked their security camera footage to find that the poop came from a different species entirely.

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“When we did, we found it was not a dog,” Mattzela explained. “It was a person who had been jogging down the street, ran up between our two cars, defecated, and ran away.”

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She went on to post about the incident online and to ask the “poop-etrator” to come clean up the mess, saying, “We understand that accidents happen.” However, when Mattzela left her home on Wednesday, she discovered that the jogger had returned and left her another surprise. Reaching for her car door handle, she grabbed a soiled piece of paper towel tucked into it instead. She then checked her surveillance footage again to confirm it was the same jogger as before and took to social media to complain, which prompted outrage from her fellow neighbors who have also fallen victim to the “poop-etrator’s” dirty prank.

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“I mean, it was vile,” she said. “The neighborhood’s calling him the S**t Bandit.”

Mattzela has since filed a criminal mischief report with police.

“I hope they find him,” she said. “And I hope he finds some help.”

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