This father and his daughter have gigantic tongues, and they’re not ashamed of it Instagram/thewizofodd

When Byron Schlenker and his daughter Emily have their mouths closed, they might not look like world record holders.

That changes when they let their tongues hang out.

Byron holds the Guinness World Record for a male with the world’s widest tongue; it’s 3.37 inches wide at its widest point. And Emily, whose tongue is wider than a credit card and holds the record for the widest female tongue, says her dad’s has gotten even wider since he secured the record in 2014.

“My dad’s tongue has gotten wider over time because he shows it so much,” she told the YouTube channel The Wizard of Odd. “Since it’s a muscle, it stretches when you work it out, so since he sticks it out so much, he’s gotten a few millimeters bigger.”

Byron completely embraces the attention he gets, and he seems to enjoy being tongue famous, even when taking jokes that are probably pretty repetitive to him.

“People ask me what you can do with a tongue like that, and I can’t eat ice cream any faster than you can, and I don’t know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a tootsie pop,” he said.

“One thing that people can compare my tongue to, and they readily have, is an iPhone 6.”

His attitude about this makes sense given the way Byron describes himself.

“Anybody that knows me knows that I don’t take anything in my life seriously, and I’m definitely not taking this seriously,” he said.

Byron said he is flattered by some comments he gets on Facebook about his tongue.

“You do get a lot of women making comments, which is flattering, by the way. But you’d be surprised at how many men you get comments from too — by the way, I’m equally as flattered.”


Emily says she’s grown closer to her dad, doing videos and shows with their tongues. But Byron said she didn’t always want to.

“When we found out that Emily had the widest tongue in the world, we talked about it, and it was funny for us,” he said. “It was really her decision; she took about a year — at first she didn’t want to, and then I think she saw the fun that I was having with it and how you can do it and not make it weird.”

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