This woman learned the hard way what happens when you cut the line at Walmart

While waiting in the customer service line at an Ohio Walmart, Deanne Kenworthy was going through the motions when it was her turn in line.

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Behind her stood a much larger and much angrier woman who thought that Kenworthy had cut in front of her, and was not pleased with the development.

“Sorry, I don’t have time for this,” Kenworthy said to the woman who thought she was cutting.

“So she grabs the back of my hair and throws me, I mean literally throws me like a sack of potatoes.”

Security footage from the incident shows an unidentified woman packing quite the wallop on Kenworthy and then kicking her like a rag doll when she tried to get back up.

“When I landed I hit my back and my elbow and busted my head and then when I tried to get back up she kicked me back down,” Kenworthy said

Police in Greenville, Ohio later took to the Internet for help identifying the woman, who many believed to be a woman named Angel Boyer who had recently been arrested in Piqua, Ohio.

Though they did not say the name of the woman involved, the Greenville Police Department later informed the public that the woman had been identified.

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