She says she can’t work because her breasts are too big — this is what she’s doing instead

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An Australian woman with 12HH breasts says that the size of her mammary glands is keeping her out of work, which is keeping her on government assistance and on a waiting list for a tax-funded breast reduction surgery.

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Nim Murphy, 27, of Sydney, Australia, explained to A Current Affair that “she can’t work, I can’t exercise properly, I can’t do most things,” because she suffers from “migraines […] constant shoulder and neck pain.”

“Instead of curving forwards, my spine curves back in my neck – which isn’t directly caused by the weight of breasts or anything, but they exacerbate the symptoms that come from it,” she said. “About two and a half years ago I had to call in sick because I got out the front door and started vomiting in my front yard just from the pain, and so I had to stop working.”

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While Murphy says she does not “want to be on the dole and not doing anything,” she says that’s what she’ll be doing until it’s her turn to go under the knife.

This wait, according to A Current Affair, will take years.

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