Texas Governor compares recent acts of violence in to the Holocaust, Biblical Era

Gov Abbott appears on Fox with Harris Faulkner. (Screenshot/YouTube)

When asked what we should do to “figure something out” in the wake of the nation’s most recent act of mass violence, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott had an interesting response.

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“Remember, even though we’re facing these severe tragedies — whether it be what happened in Sutherland Springs, or what happened in Las Vegas, or what happened in New York last week, or what happened in London earlier this year — we have acts of evil taking place, and because they are close in time to us right now, we think this is something heavy right now. But put this in the context of history. Look at what happened with Hitler during the horrific events during that era,” Abbott said in an interview with Fox News host Harris Faulkner.

(The quote begins at the 3:07 minute mark in the segment).

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He went on to say “the force of evil” represented by events like the recent mass shooting should be combated with the “force of love” exhibited by God, saying people in Texas and across the nation were leaning on each other and the support of religion to get through a succession of violent acts.

Whenever a mass shooting occurs, the topic of gun control enters the collective discussion. What can we do as a nation to keep something like this from happening again? However, especially in conservative states like Texas, any attempt at gun regulation is met with fierce opposition.

Faulkner said in the interview, “We don’t need to get political right now,” and Texas Sen. Ted Cruz echoed that message soon after the shooting, saying, “We don’t need politics right now.”

Politicizing a tragedy won’t get us anywhere, but some think legislation might.

We need to lean on one another, and on faith, to get through traumatic events, but there are those that would argue that after healing should come change. In the case of violence, many are calling for increased discussion around mental health and the regulation of dangerous firearms. Whether that will happen remains to be seen.

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