That Time Tim McGraw and Faith Hill got Candid About Sex During ‘Ellen’

Ellen DeGeneres put the couple on the spot in a big way.

Country music married couple Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have stopped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” plenty of times over the years.

At one point during an appearance, Ellen DeGeneres put their 20-year marriage to the test with a hilarious round of “Never Have I Ever.”

The game required Tim and Faith to hold up paddles either revealing the words “I Have” or “I Have Never,” as a way to confess truths to some of the questions asked by the host. And, Ellen, of course, saw the activity as the perfect opportunity to ask her guests some very intimate questions.

Ellen kicked off the game with the statement, “Never have I ever used my spouse’s toothbrush without telling them.” Raising their paddles to reveal their answer, Tim and Faith learned that they do regularly use each other’s toothbrushes. Later on, Faith also confessed to snooping through her hubby’s personal belongings.

However, it turns out that Tim and Faith don’t need to vamp up their sexual life with naked selfies, because they have never fallen asleep during what Ellen referred to as, “Sexy time!”

“Sexy time? Like I’m bringing sexy back, baby or something?” said Faith in response to, “Never Have I Ever fallen asleep during sexy time.”

She added,” I’m sure I have never, ever.”

Things got even more personal when Ellen read the statement, “Never have I ever waxed my partner.”

Giggling profusely Faith responded, “I have never, but I’m going to try!”

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