A Minnesota man believed dead by his family after he flew a missionary trip in Africa has been found alive. Jerry Krause disappeared in 2013 on what was supposed to be an ordinary trip from South Africa to Mali.

“It’s a routine flight he’s done multiple times,” the missing man’s daughter, Jessica, told WCCO.

“I thought, ‘Just give it some time and it’s all going to be OK.’ Now it’s been close to four-and-a-half years.”

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According to a Facebook post, the Krause family received new information on the missing pilot after South African authorities removed their official report declaring Krause dead due to “new evidence.” The family also revealed that they found out that he was kidnapped and has been seen alive, adding that the United States government knows where he is located.

For any military action to occur to free Krause, the family needs their cause to reach the President of the United States, so they’re hoping the public will help by putting pressure on lawmakers.

“We’re ready. We’re tired. It’s just been a long time,” Jessica said.

Family of African missionary declared dead in 2013 just got shocking new information FreeJerry/Facebook
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