It’s bitterly cold in Canada right now — and even Canadians are struggling with the temps


Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

The Great White North is not a place for the faint of heart, but the latest visit from Jack Frost is chilling the bones of even the most weather-hardened Canadians.

On Boxing Day, the Canadian weather service issued an “extreme cold warning” as sub-zero temperatures swept across the nation. The frigid temperatures are expected to continue until the new year, and some regions of Canada are colder than anywhere else on earth right now!

On Wednesday, the Ottawa Citizen ran a piece noting that it’s colder in some parts of Canada than in the North Pole or on Mars. In Winnipeg, it’s colder than it’s ever been in Scotland (at least in recorded history). The website also pointed out that only .00003 percent of Canada is lucky enough to have a temperature above freezing. Vancouver is as cold as Moscow, and the town of Saskatoon is colder than both poles.

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Canadians are doing all kinds of things just to show how absurdly cold it is. Here’s a video of a guy throwing water into the air, and it freezes almost immediately. For some reason, the guy isn’t wearing a coat.

As crazy as that is, the next video is even more wild — one Canadian caught a clip of a bubble literally freezing!

But the bizarrely frigid temperatures can yield some beautiful sights as well. Just take a look at this guy walking his dog on a snow covered beach near Lake Ontario. In the distance, a cargo ship can be seen among the steaming water of the lake.

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