A train company was forced to backtrack a bit when it had a rude response to a woman’s complaint.

Train user Emily Lucinda Cole tweeted at Virgin Trains to accuse an older train manager of being patronizing.

“When virgin trains mess up and the older male train manager in the resulting conversation dismisses you with that hideously patronising word women shudder at in contexts such as these: ‘honey,'” she wrote on Twitter.

And, well, it’s safe to say that they might have gone about the next step a bit better.

“Sorry for the mess up Emily, would you prefer ‘pet’ or ‘love’ next time?” read a now-deleted tweet on the official Virgin Trains EC Twitter page.

A while later, the train company tweeted an apology.

“We apologise unreservedly for this tweet and any offence that it may have caused,” they wrote. “To avoid causing more offence we have deleted the original post.”

But the damage was already done.

(H/T Mashable)

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Woman complains to train company about sexism, and the company made it worse Christopher Furlong/Getty Images
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