Woman who was brutally raped with a “broken tree branch” has died two years after the attack

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A Russian woman who was viciously raped two years ago by a man who victimized three other women in the same week has died.

Anna Barmina passed away at the age of 33, this after a sexual assault so brutal that she suffered a heart attack, went into a coma and never left the hospital.

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Gizar Ziyangareev attacked Barmina with a knife, dragged her into bushes and raped her “with a broken tree branch,” the Daily Mail reported, causing severe damage to Barmina’s internal organs, a heart attack, a coma and eventually her death.

Barmina did regain consciousness 11 months later, but never spoke again.

It was previously reported that the 39-year-old Ziyangareev, a father of three, did five years time in prison for prior sexual assaults against a neighbor and underage girl. Two weeks after his release from prison, he assaulted Barmina and three other women in one week.

He was released a month early because it was successfully argued in court that he needed to support his kids.

Most disturbingly, Ziyangareev confessed but expressed no remorse.

“He told police he did nothing bad to these women and they should be grateful to him,” a police source said, according to Metro.

Barmina’s mother Natalia said Ziyangareev is “not a human, [but] a monster” and that his 23-year sentence — a record in Russia for rape — was not enough.

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“I just cannot understand how the court could give such a lenient term,” she said. “Anna will never get up, she will never speak […] she has no future because of what he did. And he will get out of jail one day and continue to rape.”

Barmina was buried last Thursday.

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