For movies fans around the world this was the scene that made Abe Vigoda a star

The 1972 release of “The Godfather” ushered in a new era of cinema that wasn’t afraid to be violent and displayed a new grit rarely seen on film.

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Abe Vigoda, a beloved character actor who passed away on Tuesday, played a pivotal role in the first installment of the trilogy as Sal Tessio, a family friend who tries to overthrow the Corleone family.

Following the death of Martin Brando’s Vito Corleone his son Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, anticipates that someone in the family will try to execute him in order to take control over the mafioso operation.

That man turns out to be Sal Tessio, a beloved family friend, who arranges a “peace summit” between his men and the Corleones.

Knowing what is to come next, the Corleones get to Tessio first, and set up what would become one of the most famous scenes in movie history.

As Tessio and the Corleones prepare to leave for the meeting, Tessio is informed that Michael Corleone will be traveling separately.

He then gets word that Tom Hagen, played by actor Robert Duvall, will also be riding separately.

As the Corleone men approach him, Tessio understands that they know of his plans and that he will be the one who goes into a deep sleep he will never wake up from.

Before he is hustled away to be killed, Tessio pleads with Hagen for his life to be spared, and utters one of of the most famous lines in movie history.

“Tell Mike it was only business,” Tessio says, knowing the fate soon awaits him.

“I always liked him.”

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