Bride Shares Hilarious Mix Up After Wedding Invite Link Redirects Guests to Pornhub

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

When you receive a wedding invitation, you expect to find out information about the wedding — date, time, location, and who’s getting married.

Ya know, the basics.

What you don’t expect to find is some pornography, and lots of it. But that’s what happened to one poor bride-to-be via TikTok, as her wedding invitations consisted of a link not to the invitation, but to (drumroll, please) PornHub.

The bride, known as @Squidward.Tentacles on TikTok, addressed her big ol’ blunder.

“Got my wedding invitations in the mail today — super exciting,” she said, adding she had something to share, “so that other brides don’t make that mistake.”

She then revealed the RSVP card, with a link to listed as the official wedding website.

“If you’re my mom, I’m sorry, I will fix it,” she said.

She added, without laughing, “I think it’s funny, personally. But I don’t think anyone else is gonna think it’s funny, especially my family and Nate’s family and literally anyone else.”

Registry: PornHub!

@squidward.tentacles Oops #fyd #wedding #weddingtiktok #weddingtok #weddingmishaps #weddinginvitations ♬ original sound – Squid

At last check, the video had more than 16,000 views and was approaching 400 comments. But we do expect it to blow up in the following days, the accident is just too good and funny to not blow up.

“I didn’t realize that I was invited to your wedding since I go to your website daily,” wrote one female user.

As for Squidward, well, she again felt the need to apologize. “I’m sorry, mom,” she said. “I’ll fix it.”

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