Olympic skier lands in hospital with serious injury after high-flying jump goes horribly wrong


It was easily one of the scarier moments at the Winter Olympics when Canadian skier Chris Del Bosco flew off a jump, lost control mid-air and crashed to the ground.

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Competing in the final of the men’s ski cross 1/8, Del Bosco went high in the air, flipped and landed on his right side. The three-time Olympian remained on the ground for 10 minutes as medics attended to him. He was then carefully loaded onto a stretcher, CBC Sports reports.

He is now in stable condition, likely with a pelvic injury, Dr. Bob McCormack, Chief Medical Officer for Team Canada, confirmed to CBC Sports. In a positive sign, Del Bosco gave a thumbs-up to the crowd as a snowmobile carefully took him away from the scene of the crash.

On the second-to-last jump of the race, Del Bosco was in last place and tried to use the momentum of the leap to fling himself into qualifying position. But while in mid-air he lost control and balance, and he fell awkwardly on his right side.

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Del Bosco was born in Colorado Springs, Colo., but is now a resident of Montreal. He finished fourth in the men’s 1/8 at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, and he was looking to win his first Olympic medal this time around.

Del Bosco was the third athlete of the event to leave the course on a medical sled. France’s Terence Tchiknavorian seemingly sustained a right leg injury during an unsteady jump landing; Austrian Christoph Wahrstoetter and Swede Erik Mobaerg collided with each other, after which the former was left stuck in a fence.

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