Disturbing footage of a puppy being swung by the neck resurfaces on social media

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Videos by Rare

Warning: You may find this footage disturbing.

A video from the U.K. that took the internet by storm in June for being one of the most callous and anger-inducing animal abuse videos you’ll ever see has resurfaced on social media, showing just how much of an impression it’s made on people.

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Exhibit A:

This horrific story was uploaded to social media, but has since been taken down. I can understand why; it’s despicable treatment of an innocent dog by a sixteen year old girl. What evil thought entered this teen’s mind to possess her to do this to a dog?

You really do have to wonder what’s going through the head of someone who does something like this, especially to their pet puppy.

An investigation was launched in June after the video was posted, stunned those who saw it and promptly taken down.

According to the Daily Mail, a teen girl from Devon was responsible for the video. It shows her whipping her dog around by its leash. It’s clear from watching the video that the poor animal is in discomfort.

The video was reported to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) after it sparked outrage on social media and was taken down.

Because this is the internet, the video will exist in some form forever.

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A sampling of the responses on social media included: “How evil. The dog should be taken away,” “This is disgusting” and “That is so mean.”

You can’t argue with any of that.

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