Footage shows buildings collapse and explode after an earthquake hit Mexico

Left: Twitter/@mcantu06 Right: Twitter/@BorjaCoach

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

At least 139 people died in the magnitude-7.1 earthquake that rocked several Mexican states — including Mexico state, Puebla and Morelos — on Tuesday as buildings imploded and exploded all over the area.

The quake was felt all the way in Mexico City, where another destructive earthquake occurred more than thirty years ago. In the aftermath of the disaster, more and more buildings have been destroyed. According to President Enrique Peña Nieto, 27 buildings collapsed in the nation’s capital alone, and social media users have been sharing videos and images of others falling in devastation.

In one video from Mexico City, a building seemingly spontaneously collapses.

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In another, disoriented people stumble about a street, when all of the sudden a nearby building comes crashing down, and bystanders flee in fear.

After catching fire, one building in Mexico City even explodes in video taken of the aftermath of the earthquake.

Terrifying footage from after a collapse shows people almost blindly walking through the streets looking for safety as dust and debris surrounds them.

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