Have no fear, Florida man is here to save a wounded pelican from starvation with his bare hands

Weather Channel/screenshot

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Never change, Florida. Never change.

A poor pelican that had managed to put itself in danger by wiring its own beak shut with fishing wire was saved by everyone’s favorite superhero: Florida Man.

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The pelican, without the help of humans, would have eventually starved from being unable to eat.

But watch the Florida Man in his natural habitat carefully approaching the pelican so as not to scare it off.

Then he pounces.

Weather Channel/screenshot

Enter Florida Man 2 to help untangle the bird. He had a knife.

Weather Channel/screenshot

Although the frightened bird tried poking its rescuers with its beak, the end result was success.

Weather Channel/screenshot

As you can see, the pelican took flight once again, and as you can hear, everyone was thrilled about it.

“Thank you, sir,” one woman said.

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“Totally awesome!! He could have gotten hurt, but when he saw this pelican, he knew what he had to do…” Crystal Johnson tweeted.

Well said, Crystal. Well said.

(H/t Daily Mail)

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