Police release graphic video of a fatal shooting involving a knife-wielding suspect

Fox 5 Atlanta screenshot

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Warning: the video contains graphic footage.

A Georgia police department released disturbing footage from a dash cam video after one of its officers was involved in a fatal shooting.

Via Fox 5 Atlanta, the footage shows an unidentified officer with the Clayton Police Department chasing a silver car at night that was going 68 in a 45 mph zone. The officer is heard calling in the pursuit as the driver picks up speed.

Less than a minute later, the officer catches up to the driver, who has not yet been named, after he crashed into a tree.

The officer exits his cruiser, draws his weapon, and orders the driver not to move. He is seen calling for back up when the suspect attempts to break the glass of the car in order to escape.

The video then continues as follows, as explained by Clayton Police Chief Andy Strait:

At one point, he was able to kick the back window out of the vehicle, climb onto the roof with a knife and dive at the officer on the ground. Officer is continually giving him verbal commands, “Stop or I’ll shoot,” and the suspect says, “I don’t care” at one point, continues at the officer in a slashing motion, stabbing motion, within less than a foot and the officer was forced to shoot. And, unfortunately, the suspect was deceased at the scene.

The officer then calls in “shots fired” while the driver lays on the ground from his injuries.

Other officers arrive on the scene moments later.

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Strait has since called on the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to conduct an investigation into the shooting.

“We always want an outside source. And the GBI came in, of course, did our investigation for us. And they’re the lead investigation [sic] on this,” he explained.

Very few details have been shared about the incident, which occurred earlier in the week. The footage was released by the department on Friday.

“Our thoughts and prayers are for everyone involved in this situation. It’s truly a very sad situation,” Strait added.

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