The shop owner behind this video says a drug is making people in the town act “like zombies”

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A shop owner in the United Kingdom pulled out her camera and took a video of the effects of a drug she said makes her “dread” going into town.

The Derby Telegraph shared the video from the owner, who wished to remain anonymous. She filmed four men slumped over and “looking like zombies” right outside of her shop. And if her hunch is correct, then the video she took shows four people while under the influence of Black Mamba, a synthetic form of marijuana.

“They were just stood there frozen and not moving. It’s really scary and not something you want to see in the city center,” she said.

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She continued to criticized what she believed to be a growing use of the drug around her.

“On Monday, one customer came into the shop with her child and someone was smoking black mamba just outside and blew smoke in her face as she walking in,” she said. “I had to apologize but it’s becoming a regular occurrence – it’s ridiculous.”

She also added that she had been attacked before by people under the influence of the drug at least three times already, saying, “The most worrying thing is that when they come down [from the drug] they are dangerous.”

“My team has active patrol strategies in place and conduct regular uniformed and plain-clothed patrols of the area,” said Sergeant Jamie Millard. Millard heads the Derby city safer neighborhood team.

“An intelligence-led approach that targets specific individuals is also used and has resulted in a number of arrests and dispersals from the city centre,” Millard continued. “In January, we have issued 81 dispersal orders and made 38 arrests. This number has almost doubled from the months leading up to the end of last year.”

The owner criticized the police response, saying that the incidents, including the events in the video, occurred near police presence.

The disturbing effects of the synthetic drug have been captured on video before.

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