Texas mother comes forward with photos of her son bloodied by alleged bully

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A San Antonio mother is speaking out after photos and videos of her bullied son went viral after a bloody school yard confrontation.

Valerie Lozano says her 15-year-old son suffered a black eye, cuts and a possible broken nose during an assault at Resnik Middle School on Thursday, Jan. 25.

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Lozano says she shared the photos because her son has been bullied by other students, but the school will not help him.

“I want something to be done about this because the coach knew my son was going to be in a fight,” Lozano wrote, in part, on her Facebook post. “[H]e never did anything about it.”

Lozano’s photos show a dramatic scene with blood splattered over the ground.

She told reporters she came across the scene after her son was late for pickup after school.

“I was waiting for my son in the truck and I was wondering why it was taking him so long and I seen this big crowd. I looked on the floor and my son was covered in blood. He blanked out. He was knocked out,” she told News4 San Antonio.

While Lozano’s son says he was assaulted in a planned attack, Southwest Independent School District says the fight was mutually combative, with some witnesses claiming Lozano’s son started the altercation.

However, Lozano points to a chain of events she says shows her son was a victim, stating the teen had gone to his coach about bullying concerns during P.E. class, which is when the trouble allegedly started.

The boy alerted the coach that the other boy said he would beat up the teen after school, asking the coach to protect him.

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Lozano’s son says the coach agreed, but didn’t fulfill his promise.

After the altercation, Lozano said the coach in question failed to attend a conference regarding the incident, and now she wants answers.

The school district says they are still investigating the fight.

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