This driver put himself and others at risk on this highway — just wait until you see what he did Facebook/Screenshot

Being patient on the road during a snowstorm is important.

The Colorado Department of Transportation uploaded footage of a driver trying to pass a group of plows. He managed to squeeze through causing one plow to slightly swerve. The CDOT wrote several reasons why plow teams stick together on their Facebook post.

“Hello all, interesting conversation about how the plow teams should maneuver. There are multiple reasons the crews keep it tight, and here are a few to think about. It reduces distractions of small vehicles weaving through the trucks. Each driver is juggling plow controls, product controls, radio transmissions, multiple blind spots, and watching each others progress. There are so many blind spots with plow attachments, snow buildup on the windows, and adverse weather conditions. The snow windrow built from each plow creates a mound of snow and can cause traction problems when vehicles try to pass through it, especially when accelerating. It is not only snow in these piles, lots of debris from shoulders is in there that can puncture tires. We are not trying to make it hard on the public our mission is the exact opposite. Keeping everyone behind controls the situational awareness of each driver.”

Next time a storm hits, remember to take it slow.

Melissa Gotleib is a content editor at Rare.
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