Two security guards went viral after an Instagram model disrespected them beyond belief


Social media has helped many people become famous with little effort. Recently, an Instagram model by the name of Christian Burns sought to wield what little bit of fame he had in a very public meltdown.

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Security guards Joseph Hernandez and Sergio Castillo went viral when they became the target of Burns’ frustrations.

Hernandez and Castillo were attempting to control a crowd at VidCon, a convention for social media content creators, when Burns became upset. Burns can be heard calling the pair “peasants” because they weren’t famous, denigrating blue collar workers and telling them to kill themselves.

The video was posted online, and has gained traction.

(Warning: This video contains foul language.)

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Hernandez and Castillo responded to the interaction in a YouTube video.

The pair laughed in the face of Burns’ verbal attacks, completely unconcerned with his ego.

“We were just doing our job,” Castillo said.

Hernandez said that was the first time someone ever spoke to him in that way because they had money, but had been in similar situations with aggravated attendees as a security guard.

NBC News reports that travel vlogger Louis Cole found Hernandez at the event, apologized for Burns’ actions, and encouraged his own followers to follow Hernandez’s Instagram account in an effort to rival Burns’.

Hernandez’s Instagram account now has well over 66,000 followers.

Hernandez and Burns also spoke on the phone, where Burns eventually apologized.

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Hernandez also made an anti-bullying tweet following the interaction:

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