Waffle House employees get into insane fight in front of customers, trashing the kitchen and using utensils as weapons YouTube/

Two employees at an Alabama Waffle House were caught on camera fist fighting each other behind the counter. In the viral video, the women can be seen intensely brawling and making a huge mess of the kitchen in the process.

Throughout the 4-minute video, the women argue, yell obscenities and make death threats toward one another. After smacking each other with what appears to be a spatula and other kitchen utensils, one woman finally overcomes the other by pinning her down on the ground.

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Robert Payne, who had just sat down with his wife and ordered food before the fight ensued, filmed the ordeal and uploaded it to social media.

“[It] all happened so fast,” he said, adding that the fight started when one worker asked the other to move so that she could wash some dishes. “We could sense the tension in the air when we walked in.”

Payne also said that he considered trying to break up the brawl, but ultimately decided to stay out of it after his wife pointed out that the women might have knives. Another employee eventually called the police, but the tension had died down by the time officers arrived, and no arrests were made.

“We are investigating this incident and will take the necessary appropriate actions,” a representative from Waffle House’s corporate office said in a statement.

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