When words didn’t solve this parking fight, she called her super-strong nephew for backup

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When a British woman couldn’t solve a parking dispute with her neighbors, she called in her super-strong nephew for assistance. The 23-year-old strongman, Hakan Acar, is better known for his nickname –“Tulk” i.e. “The Turkish Hulk.”

While Acar may not have a gift for diplomacy, his muscles were enough to solve the issue at hand. For a month, his aunt Abi Mustafa was entangled in an argument with her neighbors, and when one of them blocked her driveway with his car, she was fed up. With old-fashioned caveman strength, the Tulk lifted up the front of the vehicle and pushed it away from Mustafa’s driveway with his bare hands.

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The neighbors eventually called the police, who are investigating if a crime was committed. Acar told the Daily Mail that he told the neighbors, “Either you’re going to move the car, or I’m going to move the car.” He says that he didn’t originally intend to move the car, but claims that when he heard how the neighbors were talking to his aunt, he got upset.

Police said they are investigating a report of criminal damage to a car at the house, according to the Daily Mail. For his part, Acar says that if the investigation involves alleged damage to the car he moved, he denies any responsibility: “I know the car is not damaged. I moved it out of the way, but it is fine, so this just feels childish.”

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