Chilling Video Shows Python Attacking Man, Grabs His Hand

A man tried to put a python in a box and it almost ended up the other way around instead.

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That’s just the way it can go with the large snakes who are known to put a chokehold on their prey, often suffocating or choking their victims into submission.

In this case, the man was a snake handler and the python he was dealing with clearly had a bit of an attitude. It decided it wasn’t going to be put away easily, the video reveals.

Rather, it was going to fight for its right to freedom.

Python Attacks Man

While the video doesn’t reveal as much, multiple reports say the handler emerged unharmed — or at least without any sort of serious injury.

Clearly, one woman did all she could to free the man, with others eventually rushing to add assistance. But removing something both slithery and strong is no easy task, and this man learned that in a fairly frightening fashion. Also, what a day this dude must have had! Can you imagine just opening a drawer and then a ginormous snake just popping out of nowhere? Talk about a bad day. Still, props for not slamming it right to the floor and throwing fit, that’s what I would have done!

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