Country Time Offers Children “Littlest Bailout Relief Fund” for COVID-Affected Lemonade Stands

COVID-19 has taken away the first summer of the new decade. The neighborhood kids can no longer just play with each other outside, riding their bikes around or swimming at the community pool. They can’t have lemonade stands for adults to buy from, so that they can save up the money for that new toy or some ice cream from the ice cream truck. It’s clearly been a rough summer, since strict social distancing rules are at bay.

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However, the beloved lemonade brand Country Time refuses to let the coronavirus pandemic completely takeover summer fun. As heroes who have saved what little of summer that they could, Country Time Lemonade has decided to help the most underrated businesses, or rather known as the “smallest of small businesses.” They are providing “bailout money” for the littlest entrepreneurs whose lemonade stands have also gone under.

The first time Country Time played the big guys in providing an economic relief program was back in 2018. They launched “Legal-Ade,” a relief fund that covered up to $300 in fees for kids’ lemonade stands who were actually fined for not having permits.

This was actually huge, considering only 14 out of our lovely 50 United States actually legally allowed non-permitted lemonade stands. The thought of fining a kid up to $300 for not having some sort of business permit is mind-blowing. But Legal-Ade was put into place to help these little business owners by encouraging everyone to stand for legalizing lemonade stands.

Country Time’s Legal-Ade website stated, “Whether you live in a red state or blue state, every state can be a yellow state.” And now they’re saving lemonade stands again with “The Littlest Bailout Relief Fund.”

In a press release by Kraft Heinz, the brand’s parent company, since “social distancing guidelines have hindered the typical foot traffic that lemonade stands usually receive,” The Littlest Bailout Relief Fund will give out $100 stimulus checks to the kids who had to shut down their lemonade stands this summer to “offset the loss of revenue…and…help invest in the local economy.”

For all kids 14-years-old and under, the official rules say they can apply with their parents’ permission on through August 12. The kids have to submit an essay detailing what they would use their stimulus check for, along with a photo of the lemonade stand sign they would’ve used for their stands this summer. The company will award the bailout money to one thousand winners.

All in all, the famous lemonade brand just wants “to help kids preserve the values of lemonade stands, honest work, and entrepreneurship, while putting a little juice back into the economy.” They should be known as the heroes of summer.

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