Couple Discovers ‘Alien Hand’ on Beach: ‘Looks Like E.T.’s Bones!’

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Videos by Rare

Maybe E.T. couldn’t phone home because he was missing a hand. After all, one Brazilian couple claims to have something resembling “alien bones” washed up on the beach, as relayed by the New York Post.

And it turns out the bones were indeed a freaky-looking skeletal hand appendage.

The discovery was made by Leticia Gomes Santiago and her boyfriend Devanir Souza. They were actually trying to go for a romantic walk. The beach offered something else.

“We think it is not human because of the size and amount of bones,” Santiago said on social media, displaying pictures of the massive hand next to her normal-sized flip flop. “What could it possibly be?”

Couple Discovers ‘Alien Hand’ on Beach

One person who commented on the picture did indeed mention E.T., saying it looked like the hand belonging to Steven Spielberg’s infamous alien critter.

The couple may or may not have agreed with that explanation, but even if they did, they took the bones to an expert.

And marine biologist Eric Comin indicated the creepy hand likely belonged to something known as a cetacean, a group of sea mammals that include dolphins, porpoises and whales, per Jam Press. Of course, we’ve never seen those types of paws on a dolphin.

But that’s exactly what this particular marine biologist seems to think is the case.

“His deductions were made upon first glance, noting that more testing would be necessary to exactly determine which creature of the sea the mysterious flipper belonged to — although he’s convinced it’s probably a dolphin,” the Post wrote.

So, yeah, maybe a dolphin. But E.T. sounds so much cooler.

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