Luke Grimes Knows That Playing Kayce Dutton On ‘Yellowstone’ Is A Dream Job

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Luke Grimes loves his job. In a recent interview with Gold Derby, Grimes reveals that his main role on the hit Western, Yellowstone, is a “dream job” and utilizes one of the best scripts he’s ever read. Further, because the show’s been such a hit, he gets to work more. Playing Kayce Dutton is a “win-win” because, not only are fans happy, but so is the cast!

“We get to shoot it in a beautiful place. So yeah, man I’m thrilled. Couldn’t be happier.”

Luke Grims on Playing Kevin Costner’s Son

On shooting season 5 after a long lockdown, Grimes says he feels lucky. Everyone had been quarantining and no one was sure if filming could resume safely. But production worked it out and keeps giving Grimes incredible plot twists to work with.

“There was always this kinetic energy with Kayce. You know what he’s capable of, but he’s always just felt like a stick of dynamite that hasn’t been lit yet… so that was a blast.”

When asked what drives Kayce, Grimes replies, “There’s always this thing with an actor… if a scene is boring, it’s because your stakes aren’t high enough. And with Kayce it’s like, they’re always as high as possible. So, you know, the way that Taylor writes things, they’re very playable. There’s so much that you want, there’s so much you’re trying to get, there’s so much that you’re fighting for in all of these scenes… When people love Yellowstone as much as they do, that’s sort of why it is. The stakes are really high, and it makes you really care about these characters because you really know what they’re after.”

Grimes also mentions that, while being a Western, Yellowstone stays out of politics. It’s not trying to preach anything and appeals to people of all political spectrums.

Yellowstone Season 5 Trailer

“As far as Westerns go, Yellowstone is very intelligent…It’s not answering any questions about any political views. It’s raising some questions… Once people realize ‘oh, this show isn’t trying to tell me how to believe or how to feel, it’s just a good Western for Western’s sake.’… I think, because of the family dynamics and the big themes that everyone can relate to…. The audience has sort of become the coasts and the middle.”

Not only does Grimes get to work in a gorgeous setting, but he’s always on his toes with his character’s evolution. And he gets to work on a show that appeals to just about everyone. Sounds pretty dreamy! Except for the part about shooting in 18-degree weather.

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