A man suspected of dealing drugs in Florida may have led police to his entire client list when he decided to aim a security camera at a shed where his drugs were stashed.

On Thursday, the Martin County Sheriff’s Office served a search warrant on 26-year-old Juan Dejesus Cabral’s home and reportedly found crack cocaine, hydromorphone and various drug paraphernalia. While they were on the property, deputies discovered six security cameras, including one that faced at a shed, The Palm Beach Post reports. Now the sheriff’s office is going through the footage, which allegedly shows weeks of customer activity.

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Cabral installed the high-quality cameras out of fear that he was going to be robbed. He specifically trained one camera on the shed, because he kept a stash of drugs in the building. On Facebook, the sheriff’s office warned, “If you purchased or sold drugs at the home…you may soon be selected for a future booking photo.” They also noted, “Cabral had excellent taste in video cameras, providing detectives with high-quality video evidence of his illegal activity, plus bonus footage.”

Cabral was charged with possession of cocaine, possession of Hydromorphone and possession of drug paraphernalia. His girlfriend, Julie Rembert, 20, was also in the home when authorities searched the residence, she was charged with possession. Both were taken to the Martin County Jail.

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