Idiot inmate nabbed trying to sneak back into prison, and what he brought with him is laughable Jefferson County Sheriff's Office

A prison inmate was nabbed trying to sneak his way back into a Beaumont prison with a duffel bag full of liquor and snacks, police say.

Twenty-five-year-old Joshua Hansen was captured in a field Wednesday night in a joint effort by U.S. Marshals and the Jefferson County Sheriff’s department. He was attempting to sneak contraband back into the federal prison in a duffel bag. Authorities found the bag filled with three bottles of brandy, a bottle of whiskey, several bags of tobacco, multiple snack bags, fruit, large amounts of prepared food including home-cooked meals and more than 35 grams of marijuana, reported KPRC.

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According to Jefferson County Sheriff Department spokeswoman Crystal Holmes, Hansen was imprisoned on narcotics charges. The joint surveillance task force spotted a vehicle entering the prison property and leaving the duffel, and after a few hours, Hansen ran from the grounds to retrieve it. County Deputy Marcus McLellan stated that inmates on work release had been leaving the prison complex grounds “pretty much since day one” to return contraband back into prison, according to the Beaumont Enterprise. The joint task force was a result of the sheriff’s office working with multiple agencies in order to put an end to the crimes.

As a result of his new arrest, Hansen was additionally charged with escape and possession of marijuana.

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