Disturbed Man Caught on Video Stabbing Gas Station Clerk Over Stolen Beer Can

Miami-Dade County Jail

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A man has been arrested for stabbing a Miami gas station clerk over a stolen can of beer, and given that the whole thing was caught on video, the suspect likely doesn’t have much of a defense.

Billy Joe Martin, 39, was taken to jail on a laundry list of charges — attempted felony murder, armed robbery, burglary with assault or battery and battery on a law enforcement officer.

In other words, he wasn’t really cooperative with the police, either.

Billy Joe Martin Arrested

As the surveillance footage revealed, the attack occurred at a Mobile gas station after Martin grabbed a beer can from the refrigerated area and slipped it into his pocket.

Per NBC Miami, it was at that point that the store clerk asked what Martin had placed in his pocket.

That is when Martin when on a punching and stabbing spree, hitting the clerk multiple times in the back and face. The clerk, however, was able to fight off Martin and locked him in the store until the police arrived.

When police showed up, Martin remained aggressive and had to be tased.

“Martin was tased by officers and later taken into custody,” NBC Miami wrote, citing the police report. “The knife used in the attack was found in Martin’s pocket.”

Meanwhile, the clerk was taken to hospital and is recovering from his injuries, which are not life-threatening.

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