Science class leads girl to discover a life-changing family secret


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Videos by Rare

One girl got a whole lot more than she paid for in a college science class when she uncovered a nasty family secret.

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The unnamed student discovered that her father — the man who had raised her since she was a child and who she called “dad” for her entire life — wasn’t really her father. He was her uncle. And the story is just as bizarre as it sounds. Thankfully, Twitter user “Anya” managed to explain it:

And if that’s not the most absurd story to happen in a college class, it’s tough to find one to top it.

For those of you unfamiliar, Punnett squares are a way that you can match up the genes of a man and a woman to guess the odds of a child’s genetic make-up. They’re incredibly useful when a couple is trying to figure out what their child might look like. Here’s what they look like:

Those letters (BB, Bb, Bb, bb) are just stand-ins for traits like eye color or curly hair or, in this case, blood type. And while they can be a pain in the neck for high schoolers struggling through biology, we never thought we’d see an instance where one of these pesky little buggers broke up a marriage.

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