Ex-Twitter Employee Filmed Himself The Moment He Found Out He Was Being Laid Off

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Despite reports of its demise, Twitter appears to be rolling along just fine under Elon Musk. But it sure hasn’t worked out great for everyone — namely, the employees under the old regime. Many of them have been laid off, and are now forced to start over elsewhere. One of them decided to document the process.

David Ferris, who actually has a decent following on TikTok, brought his viewers along for the ride as he prepared to find out whether he’d been laid off.

Spoiler Alert: He Was.

@daviddferris GRWM to see if I was laid off from Twitter!! *DISCLAIMER* no private company info was revealed in this video. #twitter #twitterlayoffs #techlayoffs ♬ original sound – David Ferris

Ferris made sure to get all spiffed up for the occasion, rubbing some hair gel in his palms.

“So this is my first time being laid off, so I want to make sure that I look good,” he said in the clip. In the next clip, he showed himself sitting in front of his laptop, opening an email. It came from Twitter.

“OK moment of truth, checking the email. Let’s see,” Ferris said.

“‘We regret to inform you your position has been impacted.’ Great, thanks for coming along on this journey with me,” Ferris said, indicating the email informed him that, yes, he was being laid off.

By the way, this style of video is known in the TikTok world as a get-ready-with-me clip, or GRWM, taking viewers through a routine in preparation for an event — you know, like being laid off.

As of now, about 50 percent of Twitter’s workforce has been laid off under Musk as he prepares to bring in his own people. Wonder if he’ll make a GRWM video about it?

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