Michigan Girls Escape Kidnap Attempt By Throwing Hot Coffee At Suspect

Tuscola County Sheriff's Office

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Four girls from Michigan, aged 11 to 14, managed to fight off a man who assaulted them by throwing hot coffee over him. According to authorities, the girls were leaving a Speedway convenience store in Millington, Michigan on Friday, August 10, when a man came up behind them and attempted to kidnap them.

According to Michigan authorities, the suspect, identified as 22-year-old Bruce Hipkins, followed the girls that night and grabbed the youngest girl around the head, telling her she was going with him. In a frantic state, the girls used what they had and began to kick and hit the man, eventually throwing the coffee they bought at the convenience store. The suspect let the young girl go, attempted to grab another girl by the hair, and eventually gave up when the girls continued to kick him. The suspect fled the scene on foot.

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Two of the girls, sisters Allison, 11, and Lauren Eickhoff, 13 described the terrifying ordeal in an interview with ABC affiliate, WJRT, saying the man attempted to grab Allison’s face first. The eldest, Lauren, said she began to scream, afraid for her 11-year-old sister’s life, and jumped into action, following her father’s advice to fight back whenever they felt they might be in danger.

According to the young girls, they all ran to a nearby hotel to call 911. Officers with the Millington Police Department were able to locate the 22-year-old man minutes later, and arrested him on charges of unlawful imprisonment, assault and battery, and two counts of criminal sexual conduct. He is being held at the Tuscola County Jail on a $250,000 bond.

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