Hailey Bieber Explains What Caused Her Stroke, Heart Condition

Model Hailey Bieber took to Instagram and shared the doctors’ findings after she was hospitalized on March 10.

The 25-year-old wife of Justin Bieber revealed she suffered a small blood clot to her brain.

“I was sitting at breakfast with my husband when I started having stroke-like symptoms and was taken to the hospital,” she revealed. 

“They found I had suffered a very small blood clot to the brain, which caused by a lack of oxygen.”

She said she felt a “weird sensation” that traveled from her right arm to her fingertips, which felt numb.

“I couldn’t speak, the right side of my face started drooping, I couldn’t get a sentence out,” she shared.  “Immediately, I thought I was having a stroke.”

She said the face drooping lasted about 30 seconds, and she said she was having a hard time responding to questions.  She went home, where an ambulance picked her up.  At the hospital, doctors diagnosed the cause, “which they labeled and categorized as a TIA.”

According to the American Stroke Association, a Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA) is often called a mini-stroke.  It’s “a temporary blockage of blood flow to the brain.”

She said her body was able to pass the blood clot on its own, and she recovered in a few hours.Still, she called it “one of the scariest moments I’ve been through.”

She spent the night in the hospital and went to UCLA the following day for more testing. Hailey is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin. She and Beiber met on the set of Today when they were teenagers, and they’ve been together since 2018.

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