JASPER, Ga. — A Georgia high school student has been charged as an adult after he offered an undercover officer $12,000 to kill two classmates and their families, authorities said.

Morgan Miles Morris, a 17-year-old Pickens High School student, was arrested on a charge of criminal solicitation to commit murder, the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office said.

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Officials said sheriff’s deputies at the school received a tip that Morris was trying to hire someone to kill his classmates. The sheriff’s office followed up on that tip and arranged for an undercover officer to meet with Morris.

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He “offered to pay an undercover officer to kill two different individuals,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement. “During the meeting with the undercover officer, Morris provided the officer with information on how to carry out the murder.”

Morris was taken into custody after detectives executed a search warrant of the teen’s home and found additional evidence. The sheriff’s office has contacted all potential victims and made them aware of the plot, according to a statement from the agency.

“There is no evidence to indicate a threat against any others,” the sheriff’s office said.

WSB reported that Morris is in the county jail without bond.

He offered an officer $12K to help him out — what he asked him to do will make you your jaw drop Pickens County Georgia Sheriff's Office/Facebook Screenshot