In a reversal, President Donald Trump now blames the conservative House Freedom Caucus, conservative nonprofit Club for Growth and the conservative Heritage Action for America advocacy group for derailing his replacement for the Affordable Care Act.

The claim has a measure of truth to it. All three groups were against the American Health Care Act, Trump’s replacement for the Affordable Care Act, with members saying it cost too much and did not go far enough to lower costs.

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As recently as Friday, Trump cast blame on Democrats in the House and Senate for the bill’s failure. In a phone call to the New York Times that was recorded on video by AP , Trump said ,”Look, we got no Democratic votes. We got none, zero.”

He then insisted that the continuation of the Affordable Care Act would force Democrats to the bargaining table. “The good news is they now own health care. They now own Obamacare,” said Trump, who ran for office on the promise of repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act.

Yesterday morning, Trump appeared to confirm this plan, tweeting that he would watch the Affordable Care Act implode and then do something about it:

Trump now blames his own party for the failure of the American Health Care Act Olivier Douliery-Pool/Getty Images
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