In a weird twist of reality, Florida man changes roles and pulls over a speeding deputy


LAKELAND, Fla, — A Florida man turned the tables on a deputy recently after a video surfaced of him pulling the deputy over for speeding.

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The video, which was posted on LiveLeak, shows a Polk County deputy driving at high speeds where the limit is 55 mph, according to a report from WTSP. The driver claims that the deputy was going 90 mph, so he decided to stop the deputy.

“We’re going to stop at this red light, and I’m going to talk to this cop, and I’m going to tell him that he is speeding,” the driver said in the video. “He needs to slow it down.”

In the video, the driver is able to stop the deputy and gets out to speak with him with the two exchanging words before the deputy gets back on the road and the man returns to his vehicle. “Pulled that (expletive) over, didn’t I?” the man said in the video.

The man catches up with the deputy again at the next stop light and asks if he wants to race, which the deputy declines before the two laugh it off.

WTSP reported the man never filed a complaint with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office, which added that they are looking into whether or not the deputy violated any rules.

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