Jake Tapper hasn’t held back in his criticism of President Trump and his administration.

This week, Tapper is taking issue with President Trump’s assertion that the “fake news media” is spreading “conspiracy theories.”

Following Trump’s firing of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn for what his own administration said was an issue of  “trust,” the president defended Flynn and said that he’d been treated “unfairly” by the media.

In his segment, Tapper quickly pointed out that the media didn’t fire General Flynn, President Trump did.

“What the media did do was reveal to the nation that General Flynn had lied to the country and to the Trump team, including Vice President Pence, when he claimed he never discussed Obama’s sanctions on Russia with the Russian ambassador.”

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He continued, “President Trump knew this at least as early as Jan. 26, but he did not act on this until the media revealed the truth to you.”

Tapper then pointed to Trump’s tweet saying that the media was spreading “conspiracy theories.” He said that the stories circulating about General Flynn are not conspiracy theories, but rather news stories “sourced by government officials.”

“Conspiracy theories are different,” Tapper said. “They’re false; they’re crackpot; they’re nonsense.”

As an illustration of real conspiracy theories, Tapper then played videos of Trump spreading conspiracy theories about Ted Cruz and former President Obama.

He also discussed how despite Trump’s new vilification of leaks, his road to the White House was paved with leaks about Hillary Clinton and the Democratic party.

He finished out his segment by saying, “It’s not a moral position if you only hold it when it applies to you.”

Elizabeth Vale is a contributor for Rare.
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