Lyft Driver Caught Playing Basketball With Pants Down While Picking Up Rider

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

A Lyft driver in Houston wanted to get up some shots so badly, he did so without caring if his pants slid down. Apparently, he didn’t care that his customer saw the whole thing, and by the whole thing, we mean she saw it all.

As reported by KHOU Ch. 11, the Lyft driver was expected to provide the woman with a ride to work. Instead, he allegedly picked up a basketball and started shooting hoops in the neighbor’s driveway.

Then his shorts slid down. According to the woman who wanted the ride, the Lyft driver then began to shout obscenities and urinate.

Clearly, this was a man who didn’t care about getting tipped.

Lyft Driver Gone Wild

But at least he went back into his car and changed his shorts. It was at about this time that the woman who requested the ride ran back into her house to tell her husband she was frightened.

“She barges in and she’s like, ‘Babe! I’m scared!’” the husband said, via KHOU. “She was trembling and crying to herself and saying, ‘Babe … what if I would’ve jumped into the car with him?’”

The husband decided to take matters into his own hands and emerged from his house with a gun.

“Would you like to cancel the trip?” a video revealed the driver asking repeatedly.

Along with all this, the driver broke the neighbor’s basketball hoop — and according to the woman’s husband, Lyft still charged his wife for the ride.

Yes, you read that correctly. The woman was still charged for a ride. As for the driver, Lyft fired him, which is at least a start.

“The man shouldn’t be a driver no more. I mean I don’t wish jail or harm on anybody,’ the husband said. “Just … the man needs help.”

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