TSA Finds Bullets and Gun Parts in Peanut Butter Jars at JFK Airport

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

TSA found bullets and gun parts inside Jif peanut butter jars at the John F Kennedy International Airport (JFK). The discovery came just in time to make the agency’s annual Top 10 Catches list.

.22 Caliber Gun and Loaded Magazine Were Smushed Into 2 Peanut Butter Jars

A December 23rd TSA press release stated that two peanut butter jars were intercepted and found to contain a disassembled semi-automatic handgun. A .22 caliber gun and magazine were divided into the jars. Additionally, the magazine was loaded with bullets. Everything was also wrapped in plastic before being hidden under the gooey contents.

“The gun parts were artfully concealed in two smooth creamy jars of peanut butter, but there was certainly nothing smooth about the way the man went about trying to smuggle his gun,” said the JFK TSA Security Director.

The bullets and gun parts were evidently discovered after a checked bag triggered an X-ray unit. The traveler who checked the bag was then arrested. He is now facing a civil fine of up to $15,000.

While travelers with firearms permits are allowed to check some kinds of guns, they need to be packaged properly.

TSA PSA: “Be Smooth, Package Items Properly”

After the TSA (thankfully) intercepted the peanut butter, they subsequently took it upon themselves to severely annoy the public by making way too many puns on Instagram. While the puns are a little tedious, at least they’re keeping the morale up.

“You know our baggage screening officers at JFK airport weren’t nuts about this jarring find,” read the post. “Everybody should know by now that packing your firearm, ammunition and gun parts in a jif isn’t the way to go. There’s no need to get yourself in a sticky situation, be smooth and always package your items properly.

“You know we’d never skippy past sharing the rules. We’ve spread them on thick through the link in our bio. They’ll help keep you out of a jam the next time you travel.”

The TSA Top Catches of 2022 list put the Jif peanut butter gun smuggling attempt at #3. Other finds included a gun hidden in a raw turkey, fentanyl hidden in candy wrappers, a cattle prod hidden in a guitar case, and a knife hidden inside a laptop.

The full list was posted to YouTube. See for yourself above.

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