Massive Flock of Sheep Have Been Walking in a Circle for 12 Days Straight

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Why a bunch of sheep are walking in a circle is anyone’s guess, but they don’t seem to be giving up on the plan. As relayed by the People’s Daily of China, hundreds of sheep have been performing this routine for nearly two weeks as of Monday. Hundreds of them, walking in a circle, in Northern China, for reasons unknown.

Not all the sheep are taking part, though, it seems. Some are just watching the others, standing outside the circle and perhaps either wondering what on God’s green Earth is going on or longing to be part of the group.

Video of the sheep was captured by surveillance cameras. And no, the video is not just playing in a loop.

Oh, but wait. It gets even weirder.

Per Metro, the sheep’s owner claims there are 34 pens on the farm — but only pen No. 13 is experiencing the sheep’s odd behavior!

Massive Flock of Sheep Have Been Walking in a Circle

So, is there any explanation? Not really, though Metro did relay that “a bacterial disease called Listeriosis has been known to cause ‘circling’ in animals.”

That disease reportedly inflames one side of the brain, which can cause paralysis on that side. It generally is the result of spoiled soil. (And who knew that soil could spoil?)

Sheep suffering from the disease can often appear disoriented.

But there is no evidence that this particular odd behavior is the result of that. For now, all we know is they are taking part in a massive game of Ring Around the Rosie. And you can’t help but wonder if this continues, will they eventually all fall down?

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