A general who sent salacious Facebook messages to a subordinate’s wife will have to answer to an Army investigation team.

The military has launched a probe into Major General Joseph Harrington, who reportedly sent the series of correspondences to the woman.

Harrington, who is a two-star major general in charge of U.S. Army operations in Africa, sent the messages this spring and later requested that the woman delete them. A former military prosecutor who reviewed the messages told USA Today, “He should lose his command over this. It’s probably time for him to retire.” The woman spoke on terms of anonymity and claimed that the communication began and friendly and business-related and says that their relationship did not evolve into anything physical.

While some of the messages were mundane, Harrington also told her she was “looking good for sure” and asked, “Where is your hubby tonight?” In another message, he wrote, “U can be my nurse…I’d enjoy being in a tent with U.” Harrington also told the woman to delete the messages — he’s married, and adultery is a violation of military law. Army officials would not comment on the messages, citing the ongoing investigation.

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An Army general prompts an investigation for sending naughty messages to a colleague’s wife (Photo by Andy Dunaway/USAF via Getty Images)
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