One of the heroic officers who lost his life in the Dallas shooting has been identified

Dallas police officer Patrick Zamarripa was a fighter.

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Zamarripa, 32, lost his life in the shooting that took place at a peaceful protest Thursday night.

Rick Zamarripa, Patrick’s father, told The Washington Post that he had once survived three tours in Iraq. Then, this tragic night happened.

“He comes to the United States to protect people here,” Rick told The Washington Post. “And they take his life.”

Patrick began working his shift as a bike officer in the downtown Dallas area Thursday evening. When his father saw the shooting on TV, he reached out to Zamarripa.

“Hey Patrick,” his father texted him. “Are you okay?”

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He said that he had texted him this previously and usually got the response, “Yes, dad. I’ll call you back.”

However, last night, he did not get that response.

“I didn’t hear nothing,” Rick told The Post.

After not hearing back, Rick contacted his daughter-in-law, Kristy Villasenor. He claims Kristy was at a Texas Rangers game at the time with the couple’s 2-year-old daughter, Lyncoln. Patrick was an avid fan of the both the Rangers and Cowboys. Kristy said didn’t know much about the situation either at the time.

Then, both were told they should go to a nearby hospital.

Rick Zamarripa was the first to arrive.

He asked a police officer, “How’s Patrick?”

“He wouldn’t tell me,” Rick told The Post. “He had that look on his face. I knew.”

He said that after high school, Patrick entered the Navy and worked for the military police in Iraq. Patrick joined the Dallas Police Department after getting out of Iraq five years ago.

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According to his father, Patrick recently declined a job with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

“No I want to stay,” Patrick had said. “I love doing this.”

Patrick tweeted a photo of Lyncoln when she was born in December 2013.

The Washington Post reports that Rick said he and his family got to see Patrick through a glass window last night.

He recalled Lyncoln crying for her dad.

“Da-da,” Rick heard Lyncoln say, crying. “Da-da.”

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