Paranoid Drug Traffickers High on Meth Arrested For Calling 911

Videos by Rare

Videos by Rare

Two drug trafficker suspects were arrested after they called 911 on themselves while being on a “paranoid episode,” according to authorities in Texas. Boy oh boy, you can’t make this stuff up. According to the Hartley County Sheriff’s Office, the suspects called around midnight to say that they were being followed. The dispatcher told the dynamic duo to stop at a gas station located in Hartley and meet with a deputy there.

Before they got to the gas station, the suspects decided to stop their pickup in the middle of the highway, get out of the truck, and then run toward a deputy’s cruiser in an aggressive manner. According to the Sheriff’s Office, “they were ordered down on the ground, at gunpoint, and placed in handcuffs.”

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That’s when I suspect told the deputy that they had marijuana inside their pickup truck. During the search, deputies found 3 totes and a suitcase filled with 1 lb bags of marijuana. In total, they cease 129 bags filled with the Green Goddess. As expected, both of the suspects were quickly arrested for trafficking.

Not only that, but according to the Sheriff’s Office, both of the suspects were very high on methamphetamine and had a paranoid episode as a result of taking the drugs. Sheriff Chanze Fowler stated that the suspect had been up for 3 days straight, which makes you believe what else these two were up to.

According to Fowler, the suspect said that they were headed from Kansas to Alabama but the officer believes they were headed from Colorado to Alabama based on them passing through Hartley County. 

Wherever they were headed, these two sure do have bad luck. Not only are you transporting illegal drugs, but you are high as a kite while transporting the set of illegal drugs. How dumb do you have to be? I’m not one to judge, but people like this really do make me question humanity at certain times. At least you’re okay, and at least they didn’t hit anyone along the way, that would have been a whole different other story.

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