A video out of California shows the moment that a person grabbed a purse from a senior citizen at Walmart and now police are on the hunt for the suspect.

The 82-year-old woman, who has not been named, was driving her scooter through the Burbank, California store when a woman ran up behind her and grabbed her purse while the victim was reaching for an item on a shelf. Police have posted photos of the September 12 incident on Facebook.

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Soon after, the purse was found dumped at a nearby intersection with credit cards and money missing — the cards were used to make thousands of dollars worth of purchases at Lowe’s and Target, WTVD reports.

Sergeant Derek Green noted, “since the purse was in such close proximity to her – it was only the scooter but it was within arms’ reach–we could look at a grand theft person, which is also a felony.” Police added that there is a possibility that the prosecutor may pursue elder abuse charges.

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