Radio Host Fired After Off-Air Rant Gets Leaked, Calls Co-Host ‘Stupid’ and a ‘Fat’

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Videos by Rare

A St. Louis radio host has been canned after directing some hateful words at a female colleague during an off-air rant, snippets of which were broadcast on YouTube.

Vic Faust of Fox 2 used a commercial break to denigrate co-worker Crystal Cooper, calling her “nasty,” “stupid,” and “fat.” Faust was reacting to Cooper calling making fun of his computer skills. Little did he know that the conversation was being recorded.

Faust initially referred to Cooper as a know-it-all. When she said that wasn’t the case, he responded, “Then shut the f*** up!”

He carried on by referring to Cooper as “trash” and saying she was clueless when it came to the topics discussed on the air. “You’re a f***ing mom; you don’t even know the topics we’re talking about,” he said. “You’re just stupid.”

Cooper replied by telling Faust to “grow the f*** up.” Faust responded, “You grow the f*** up, you fat f***.”

Vic Faust Fired After Off-Air Rant Gets Leaked

The conversation apparently began on the air, with Faust referring to Cooper as “stupid” before throwing it to a commercial break.

At one point, Faust told her not to come back to work — though Cooper retorted by saying he couldn’t fire her, given that he was not her boss.

“Then I will nail your (expletives) … I will do whatever I (expletive) need to do to you,” Faust said.

Shortly thereafter, the show returns to the air. But before it does, Faust tells Cooper that she is a terrible mother and that he “feels sorry” for her kids.

Faust also serves as a television news anchor at KTVI, a Fox affiliate, where he co-hosts the 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. shifts.

Cooper indicated on her Facebook page that she stopped working at the radio station on Sept. 13, the day of the confrontation.

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