Several sinkholes have threatened a number of homes in a Florida neighborhood.

“I have a sinkhole; my house is falling. I hear all the creaking noise, and I look out, and there is a great big hole in the front of my house,” a resident said in a call to a 911 operator.

According to ClickOnOrlando, the Marion County Sheriff’s Office counted four sinkholes at The Villages. Two homes were damaged by the largest sinkhole and had to be condemned. Two other homes are being threatened by that sinkhole.

“I thought it was thunder,” recalled Frank Newman, a resident affected by the sinkholes, reports FOX 35. “It made a funny noise, and I guess it was the collapsing of ground, and it was pretty loud.”

Newman has lived in the area since 2004.

“It’s just a waiting game to find out what they are going to do to treat the sinkholes,” said Marilyn Riccio, whose home was also affected by the pits. “I hope they can fix it.”

Authorities have disconnected the homes’ utilities for safety reasons.

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